Abandoned Places – Les Lieux Abandonnés

Abandoned Places – Les Lieux Abandonnés  (FR sous-titres)

Vlad et Marlowe se promènent autour de Paulmy, en Touraine du Sud, en appréciant l’espace vital de la campagne française ! A la fin, ils passent par le Dolmen de la Pierre Chaude, une sépulture néolithique. La musique est Printemps de Debussy. Cette vidéo est en anglais, sous-titrée en français. Si elle vous plaît, vous pouvez vous abonner à Vlad’s Vlog en cliquant sur le bouton rouge sous le vidéo, le bouton SUBSCRIBE.

Le week-end dernier, Vlad’s Vlog a gagné le Prix du Film Expérimental au Festival de Film de Beaugency.

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The car’s at the garage, so Vlad and Marlowe use some old-fashioned teleportation sorcery to beam down in Paulmy, one of the prettiest villages in Touraine. Vlad brings up the subject of “espace vital” – a corollary of progressive rural depopulation – and also the melancholy grace of abandoned places and things, of which this outing has its fair share. It’s a lovely spring day and at the end of their walk they drop in on Le Dolmen de la Pierre Chaude – a neolithic sepulchre not far away, just beyond the striking medieval Château du Châtelier. And this just a couple of days before the newspaper announces the discovery of a huge neolithic settlement of nearly ten hectares in Reignac-sur-Indre. The particularly beautiful music we hear is Debussy’s Printemps. Debussy claimed that the orchestral score of this 1887 composition had been lost in a fire, so for a long time it remained a score for two pianos and choir. It’s now thought the orchestral score never in fact existed. In 1912 it was orchestrated by Henri Busser but without a choir. This spurred the American conductor Emil de Cou to re-orchestrate it and reintroduce the choir that had originally been planned for, but without words. This is the entrancing version that wafts through the springtide air, accompanying Vlad and Marlowe along their vagabond ways.

Last weekend, Vlad’s Vlog won the prize for Experimental Film at the Beaugency Film Festival.

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