Badger’s Bike Squad – November Update!

Adrian and Steve, on the road near Chaume
Adrian and Steve, on the road near Chaume

Since my last blog post on Badger’s Bike Squad, two more videos have been put on YouTube.

Badger’s Bike Squad: On the Heel’s of Saint Joan. 

(Nearly said « hot on the heels », but given the poor lady’s fate, perhaps not, eh?) From Sepmes we cycled to Civray sur Esves, Bournan and Bossée, where we had lunch. In the restaurant, a surprise encounter with an old friend! Next stop, Sainte Catherine de Fierbois where Joan of Arc turned up on 4 March 1429 to get her mitts on a famous sword. Lastly, back to Sepmes via Sainte Maure en Touraine. The usual dose of gorgeous French countryside and architecture, Anglo-French ribaldry, rivalry and repartee, mutual incomprehension, corny jokes, profound historical, philosophical and political discussions, and – well, just CLICK HERE to watch it!

Badger’s Bike Squad – Sissies, Do Not Apply! 

« Badger’s Bike Club: Sissies, Do Not Apply! » In which the three intrepid cyclists set out one cold November morning despite a dire weather forecast of wind, storms and hail. A mishearing nearly leads to being too late for lunch, and Yves thrills us with his spectacularly original accident – caught on video. Or was it a curious attempt at oneupmanship or even « onedownmanship »? Hmm. CLICK HERE to watch it!

In the last video, and from now on, subtitles help those who have not yet mastered the nuances of franglais.

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