Badger’s Bike Squad – Dawn to Dusk!

La Corroirie

A new Badger’s Bike Squad video is online! 

Badger’s Bike Squad – Dawn to Dusk!

It was Yves Krier’s turn to define our route. He took us in the footsteps of the Plantagenets – La Chapelle du Liget, La Chartreuse du Liget, Le Corroirie. All interlinked 12th-century monastic foundations, with connections to the Plantagenet empire. However, he then got us seriously lost, almost to the point of missing lunch – a totally unBadgerish risk to take. We rode home at nightfall, dodging cars and trucks on a busy road and in the rain. Yves – we’ll buy you a watch and a map for your birthday! But thank you for your erudition, even if you did make it all up. And Badger’s Bike Squad survives to pedal forth valiantly another day…

Click here to view it.

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