Badger’s Bike Squad – Cold Warriors

screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-09-18-23Another Badger’s Bike Squad video is online. Click here to view it!

Badger, it’s cold outside!

Badger’s Bike Squad braves temperatures around minus 4C, cycling 60 km from Saint Hippolyte to Bridoré, then on to Saint Flovier, Châtillon-sur-Indre, Le Tranger, and back to Saint Hippolyte. On the way, a stirring mix of adventures and misadventures, accidents and incidents, unexpected encounters, a couple of châteaux, some churches, a light sportsmans’ lunch, and the inimitable waggish jokes, franglais and badinage of the celebrated misspelt triumvirate, « les trois moustiquaires »: Badger (Resident President), « Slipstream » Yves-el Knievel (Cultural Secretary), St Eve (State-Registered Jester and Super-Hero at the Court of King Badger).

Despite a few slight cultural friction burns, deft feats of tact and humour – and the boundless good cheer of the Three Men on Their Bikes – help keep Anglo-French relations on an even keel to remain afloat another day! (Please contact us for our fees and availability for important international diplomatic missions and/or children’s birthday parties).

View the video.



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