Badger’s Bike Squad – Descartes Wheels


A new Badger’s Bike Squad video is online: click here to view it.

Badger’s Bike Squad cycles a 73-kilometre round trip from Descartes, birthplace of the philosopher, through some of the prettiest villages in Southern Touraine and blessed with balmy weather. Steve and Yves engage in an insane competition to be the best historical storyteller, casting all respect for truth and honesty to the winds. This was Steve’s choice of route, and we all agreed that it was one of the best we’ve done. Thanks, maestro! For previous badgerish adventures, just type « Badger’s Bike Squad » on YouTube. If you work for HBO or Time Warner, please get in touch asap before the media jackals pounce on the movie rights in the imminent bidding feeding frenzy – gosh, it’s a jungle out there!

Click here: Badger’s Bike Squad – Descartes Wheels

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