Badger’s Bike Squad in the Parc de la Brenne


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This week, historian and impresario extraordinaire Yves Krier chose the route and took us to the Parc de la Brenne, one of the biggest and most serene nature reserves in central France, famous for its extensive lakes and the variety of birds. We rode our bikes from Preuilly-sur-Claise to Bossay-sur-Claise, Lureuil, Douadic, Rosnay, the Château du Bouchet, Saint-Michel-en-Brenne, Azay le Ferron, and back to the same café we left from in Preuilly.

Though Steve doesn’t like flat landscapes and had various things to carp about – except the excellent battered carp we had for lunch! – we enjoyed the trip, meeting interesting people, enjoying local culinary specialities, and engaging – as ever – in creatively inane conversations and intriguing misunderstandings.

Forget the Famous Five and Secret Seven. We are, as Yves has christened us, « The Three Dicks », possibly without realising the impact of this phrase on anglo-saxon ears. A shame in a way. We started as the Three Musketeers, transformed into Three Men on Their Bikes, and now … The Three Dicks? Well, so be it. As Steve has decreed, in his infinite wisdom, « Death is the Only Condition in Which Surrender is Acceptable »…

Bloody hell, how did I get into this? Anyway, both Yves and Steve had a keen eye for the local bird life on this particular trip, as this modest video discloses.

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