Badgers’ Bike Squad – With Apprentice Badger Brice

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 21.37.42March 2, 2017. The Badgers are joined by artist Brice Desrez for a round trip from Saint-Senoch, taking in Saint Flovier, Charnizay, Le Petit Pressigny, La Celle Guenand, Ferrière Larçon and Esves le Moutier. Will Brice remain a « Badger for a Day », or is he made of sterner stuff? Indeed, is he destined to become a true Apprentice Badger? How far is Yves prepared to go in his increasingly convincing imitation of Po from Tellytubbies? On the road, can any of them keep up with Adrian? Watch the video to find out! The route is 51km but very hilly, with coffee-stops and lunch to ease the pain. Plus, a special feature on a daredevil aspect of Yves’ cycling technique – unique for its physical prowess and heroic intrepidity –  captured on video for the very first time! (Good job there weren’t any rose bushes around!)

Click here to view the video. 

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