Badgers’ Bike Squad Probes a 1946 Murder Mystery

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 22.12.11Two days ago, Badgers’ Bike Squad was thunderstruck but profoundly and even obsequiously honoured to be awarded the Prix de l’Humour in the prestigious Beaugency Film Festival – proof, and it was needed, that the three of us were not living in a hermetically sealed waggish universe of our own making. In this riveting new video, the plucky Badgers set off from Saint-Flovier on an 80 km round-trip through the Brenne region, on the trail of a true post-war murder story that still gets tongues wagging here and throughout the length and breadth of France. Who killed gamekeeper Louis Boitard? Why were Raymond Mis and Gabriel Thiennot deemed to be guilty? Why was the château owner Jean Lebaudy so keen on reaching a speedy conclusion to the case? These are just some of the questions that cropped up in the course of our ride and got our little grey cells pedalling overtime. The investigation, led by Badger Po and abetted by Steve, himself a former real-life detective, is – as ever – interspersed with spontaneous mischief, monkey business and misadventure, from Yves’ mascot hitchhiker to Steve’s complimentary suncream massage and Adrian’s exploding inner tube – which so resembled a pistol-shot that he thought a hunter was taking pot-shots at him. Murder and mayhem courtesy of everyday life and Badger Po’s painstaking research, musical accompaniment courtesy of Carl Orff, pre-spring sunshine courtesy of the western world’s blithe indifference to rampant global warming. For verily, après moi le déluge… Click here to view the video.

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