Badgers Bike Squad: Bike Chat

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 13.28.47Yves was unavailable this week, so no GoPro footage. However, Steve, Adrian and Bruno set out from Adrian’s place on a round trip via Sepmes and Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine, taking in lunch at the recently opened hotel-restaurant château, La Roche Ploquin, where they were the only diners. Adrian’s rear gear cassette broke down, so they stopped off at the truly wonderful Royal Bike Shop in Sainte-Maure – run by a former professional racing cyclist – which exports Colnago bikes throughout the world. The owner kindly fixed Adrian’s bike for free. On the home leg of our trip, in sheeting rain, Adrian had another problem – a rear-wheel puncture this time – but they made it through the downpour to Le Louroux, Saint Bauld and home. Not so much action in this video, then, but a lot of very serious aficionado bike chat, shedding stray beams of gilded light onto the arcane jargon and esoteric mysteries of this eldritch world for the uninitiated…

CLICK HERE to view the video!


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