Trump’s Sensational Secret!

In a dramatic break with convention, the latest Vlad’s Vlog post shifts away from the provincial, common-or-garden preoccupations of Vlad and Marlowe to probe the ruthless dog-eat-dog arena of political power and international geopolitics, revealing – in a flabbergasting global exclusive from Chambourg-sur-Indre – Donald Trump’s Sensational Secret! What is it? You’d never have guessed… Miss this major scoop at your peril!

Click HERE to view the video.

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3 réponses à “Trump’s Sensational Secret!”

  1. Nice one, Adrian!
    The music in your videos is so well chosen that the viewer – this one at least – would like to see some music credits to find out what the pieces are.

    • You could use Shazam! This one was Ravel’s Pavane played by Ravel himself – he recorded it on a pianola, so the playback is perfect, as if he’s there in person.

  2. SNARED! I would never have believed that the Trump word could bring a moment of joy! Happy Marlowe…Happy Vlad! With thanks to you both.

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