Vlad and Marlowe Go to Le Louroux – Vlad et Marlowe vont au Louroux

Presented to you in English with French subtitles (sous-titré en français).

Vlad and Marlowe beam down in Le Louroux, a quiet Touraine village steeped in history.

Its main lake is the second biggest in Touraine, created by monks at the 11th-century priory-farm which – together with the 12th-century church – forms a gorgeous architectural ensemble. No more monks, thank the Lord and pass the ammunition – but a little echo of medieval heavenliness lives on nonetheless, so far from the cacophonous, barbaric pandemonium of our modern world.

Vlad and Marlowe traipse around the village before embarking on a cold and muddy but salutary trudge in the surrounding countryside.

The music is the Sanctus and Agnus Dei from Gabriel Fauré’s exquisite Requiem.

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