A Gift for Marlowe – Un Cadeau pour Marlowe

Marlowe receives a gift in the post from an anonymous admirer: a beautiful 1929 book of poems about dogs and masters. To thank the anonymous benefactor, Vlad recites a couple of poems from the book. That’s about it, though the poems are really quite touching if you’re sentimentally predisposed to adoring dogs – I mean to YOU adoring dogs, but also dogs that ADORE you. What else? There’s a walk in the country on a very cold morning, with a few rather jaundiced « grumpy old man » remarks on the part of Vlad about cars and rabbits, but that’s all. Oh, and some wintry Japanese music to lend a semblance of artistic coherence to the whole video. Yes, that’s about it, really…

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2 réponses à “A Gift for Marlowe – Un Cadeau pour Marlowe”

  1. Marlowe obviously very excited by the present of the poetry book ! Another really thoughtful blog ! Loved it and so did Graeme.

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