Cut to the Chase – La Chasse Poursuite

Cut to the Chase – La Chasse Poursuite (FR sous-titres)

Vlad goes for a sedate stroll in the forest with two dogs, mongrel Marlowe and his little pedigree chum Alec (a Maltese terrier, or « Malteser » for short – and he is short!). It’s a forest that’s dangerous and out of bounds at the weekends because the hunters are there with high-calibre rifles, shooting roe deer. But today’s a weekday, so all’s clear. It turns out, however, that hunting is definitely on Marlowe’s agenda. If you find the forest walk somewhat lacking in excitement, just be patient. It ends in an explosive high-speed chase! My thanks to Marlowe – no stunt dogs were used… (PS Don’t bother trying to actually cut to the chase – it’s only at 3:25 and I’ve fixed the video so you can’t jump forward!)

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