The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy – Le Dernier Cowboy (FR sous-titres)

A Sunday in March and Vlad’s friend from Cannes, Mark Porter, is staying over on his way home from Scotland. Mark is a writer and journalist who shares at least two enthusiasms with Vlad: cycling and fine food! They and the Memsahib go to the first vide grenier (jumble sale) of the season and potter around – without Marlowe, who gets over-excited at such events. And there they meet Vlad’s friends Jonathan and Emma, but also »The Last Cowboy » – a Frenchman with a passion for Westerns, dressing up as a cowboy and going on cowboy camps! He created a real-life cowboy saloon and a ranch with three horses in his local village, but under pressure from his family he now goes from jumble sale to jumble sale, selling off his precious cowboy trappings and paraphernalia. When we met him, he was very keen to share his story. Once Upon a Time in Touraine…

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