Meals and Wheels – La Claise and Claudette

Meals and Wheels – La Claise and Claudette  (FR sous-titres)

Following a test of mental arithmetic for you – the viewer – Vlad and the Memsahib head for Preuilly-sur-Claise and the La Claise restaurant, run by a Michelin-star chef, the former right-hand man of Alain Ducasse who gives surprisingly good value for money. In Preuilly, they visit Susan and Simon Walter, an Australian couple who run a blog about the region, another blog about the wildlife of Touraine and a great company that helps overseas visitors discover the region in the retro comfort of « Claudette », a vintage Citroën front-wheel drive car from 1953. After tea and a chat, Simon and Susan kindly take them for a « time travel » spin in the old lady! Sadly, Marlowe had to stay at home to chew the cud and hold the fort, but such is a dog’s life..

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