Marlowe’s Nose

Marlowe’s Nose – Le Nez de Marlowe  (FR sous-titres)

You’ve seen Claire’s Knee, My Left Foot, The Eyes of Laura Mars and Goldfinger… Now, coming to a screen near you – Marlowe’s Nose! This video is quite simply a hymn of praise to Marlowe’s splendid proboscis, aka his nose.

Vlad gives the lowdown on just how superior Marlowe’s adorable snout is to his own and tries to peer into the olfactory wonderland that Marlowe inhabits – a parallel universe of perfumes and pongs alongside our deodorised human sphere. Discover what his nose knows that our noses don’t know and will doubtless never know!

Vlad’s physiological research is definitely on the nose. Never again will you look down your nose at a dog. Without seeking to get up your nose, rub your nose in it or put your nose out of joint, Vlad proves once and for all that we can’t see beyond the ends of our noses. It’s definitely the dogs that come out smelling of roses!

Don’t miss the unique patented Vlad’s Vlog fusion of science and grace, helped along by sublime compositions from the soaring imagination of Russian creative genius Alfred Schnittke, and the ubiquitous presence of Marlowe – Monarch of Mutts, Pooch Padrone, His All-Sniffing Charismatic Doggyness – Vlad’s faithful friend and exemplary scion of our doggy-dog society.

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