Marlowe’s Ears

Marlowe’s Ears – Les Oreilles de Marlowe  (FR sous-titres)

The last Vlad’s Vlog video was about Marlowe’s nose – his sense of smell – and this one is about his sense of hearing, which is no less acute. The starting-point for our walk is near Dolus le Sec in Southern Touraine. A new feature of Vlad’s Vlog videos is that a map of the route is included at the end. Once again in this video, we realise how far superior our dogs are to us in sensory terms. One wonders why they even want to be with us humdrum limited beings! Are we just human can-openers? But no! The dog-human relationship is as old as the hills and one of the great symbiotic stories of all time. The fact is, we love each other. But when Marlowe and I hear about how badly dogs are treated in China or elsewhere, even right here on our doorstep – and we know of a terrible example – we get angry, our shackles rise and our hearts break. How long will it take man to realise that he shares this planet with sentient beings who are every bit as intelligent, if not more so, than he is, and that co-habitation rather than rivalry is the answer to it all?

For us dog-lovers, the words of Léo Ferré resound – « Je suis un chien »! Je suis un chien… Science and empathy and imagination help us see into the lives of those beings who surround us and learn about the extraordinary ways in which they perceive the world, which are sometimes so different from ours. Whatever we think of them, we will never know what they truly think of us.

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  1. I like the different camera angles in this video ! It’s good to ring the changes ! M was clearly enjoying the sunshine . Nice floppy ears flapping as he ran to you !

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