Marlowe in Motion

Marlowe in Motion – Marlowe en Mouvement  (FR sous-titres)

Vlad and Marlowe walk out into the countryside around the sleepy medieval town of Cormery. Because he always seems to need a “topic”, Vlad talks about “Marlowe in Motion”, the locomotion of the canine species. This leads him onto the subject of Edweard Muybridge, the Victorian photographer who used early stop-motion animation to observe how animals and humans move. Muybridge proved through photography that horses and dogs “fly” momentarily – when running fast, all four feet periodically leave the ground – something no-one could be certain of before. But curiously, as Vlad explains, photography also seems to have proved Muybridge dramatically wrong on another point that was much closer to home. Their constituitional ends in Cormery with views of this attractive, ancient town. Throughout, Marlowe remains blithely oblivious of his master’s intellectual digressions and, nose to the ground, nonchalantly continues his own olfactory digressions unimpeded…

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