Byways of Bournan

Byways of Bournan – Balade à Bournan  (FR sous-titres)

Vlad and Marlowe go for a walk in the rolling countryside around the village of Bournan, following the meandering course of the Ligoire river. They cross paths with The Water Rat Exterminator, his shotgun slung over his shoulder – a sort of rural James Bond, with a year-round Licence to Kill Water Rats from the local commune backed up by encouragements from his rodent-averse son, a local farmer. Clearly neither father nor son are even considering membership of the Wind in the Willows Fan Club! The lowering skies and landscapes glimmer with glebes of colza. It all calls for a moody air, so Vlad chooses Alfred Schnittke’s ethereal Choir Concerto 1, O Master of All Living Things – and that includes water rats! – to accord with their pensive perambulations.

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