Desperados  (subtitled/sous-titré)

Marlowe and Vlad go to Saint Quentin sur Indrois, a village that’s somewhat… oh my goodness, any new synonyms for “sleepy”? The genteel neglect of the place is, however, set off by the breathtaking gorgeousness of the surrounding countryside. Vlad takes us on a magical mystery tour, leading us down to a secret underground place – hidden from view in a thicket in the middle of a field – that is most out of the ordinary, to say the least, though he nearly breaks his neck in the process. Lastly, the now-regular feature “Inventory of Shame”, in which the rubbish encountered on the way is itemised, exposes a hidden and almost obsessive-compulsive facet to the furtive tastes of the otherwise goodly citizens of Saint Quentin. All is revealed in this probing « True Detective » edition of Vlad’s Vlog!

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