NEWS – September 2021

Adrian Mathews has just completed a new novel.

He recently produced two occasional programmes on Magira, an international online  TV magazine channel: « Adrian&Marlowe », a programme in which Adrian and his dog Marlowe chat together and visit the highways and byways of southern Touraine; and « BookChat with Adrian Mathews », featuring interviews with writers, most recently the winner of the 2020 « Not the Booker » prize. Videos of his walks with Marlowe – « Les Balades de Marlowe » – were also broadcast regularly on TV Touraine. For the moment, video production is in abeyance pending the completion of the new novel.

Adrian Mathews’ short story « The Waiter » has been translated into Romanian by Iulia Bugean and published in the scholarly journal Cultures in Transit

Adrian Mathews has a video blog with about 250 videos to date – Vlad’s Vlog. On 7 April 2019 the video « LCBSM Côté SO » won the Grand Prix for Experimental/Free Expression films and the Humour Prize at the 2019 Beaugency Film Festival. It was then entered for the national competition at Soulac-sur-Mer where, on September 29 2019, it was selected for the next international competition in Birmingham UK.

Previously, in 2018,  Vlad’s Vlog won the prize for best « Experimental Film » at the Beaugency Film Festival in France. On Wednesday 15 August 2018 it was featured in La Renaissance Lochoise, following an interview with Adrian Mathews. Click here to view the article.

« Discover Vlad’s Vlog, the diary of a rural flaneur.  Short, rambling, incidental videos of negligible importance recording trivial details in the lives of Vlad, his dog Marlowe, and whatever unwitting extras happen to get in the way of the camera. The action and inaction take place in Touraine, central France. » 

 Click here to view the vlog and subscribe or receive updates by subscribing to the written blog on this site.

On November 25 2017, Adrian Mathews took part in the « Polar sur Loire » book fair in Tours. This included a round table discussion on the subject of « Lieux irréels, lieux réels » and an interview (all in French) which were broadcast live on RFL 101 radio station. The podcast of the interview is available here

For a French translation of a short story by Adrian Mathews, go to « Other Writings » (above) and click on « La mallette ». Translation by Annie Parot. Another short story in French, « La fuite », is also available under this tab.

The French newspaper La Nouvelle République published a full-page profile of Adrian Mathews. Click here to view the online version.

A short story, « Janet and John’s Ideal Home », was published in the literary magazine DWB. (The same magazine has previously published Adrian Mathews’ short story « Excuse Me, You Are Mr Levitch ».)

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A short story, « An Experiment at the Vehicular Manslaughter Clinic », was published in the online magazine The Long + Short.

Three of Adrian Mathews’s previous novels, The Hat of Victor Noir, Vienna Blood and The Apothecary’s House are available as ebooks from Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading digital publisher, for Kindle from Amazon, with the following cover designs:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 19.05.27  Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 19.05.59  Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 19.06.22


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